an energy plant is looking into putting in a system to remove harmful pollutants from its emissions going into Earth's atmosphere. The cost of removing the pollutants can be modeled using the function C = 25000P/100 -P what is the vertical asymptote?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The vertical asymptote is at P = 100Step-by-step explanation:* Lets explain what are the vertical asymptotes- Vertical asymptotes are vertical lines which correspond to the zeroes   of the denominator of a rational function- Vertical asymptotes can be found by solving the equation n(x) = 0   where n(x) is the denominator of the function t(x)/n(x)- Note: this only applies if the numerator t(x) is not equal zero for the  same value of x# Example: to find the vertical asymptote to [tex]f(x)=\frac{3x-1}{x-5}[/tex]   put the denominator x - 5 = 0, and solve it   the value of x = 5, then the vertical asymptote is at x = 5* Lets solve the problem- The equation of the cost is [tex]C=\frac{25000P}{100-P}[/tex]∵ The denominator of C is (100 - P)- To find the vertical asymptote equate the denominator by zero∴ 100 - P = 0 ⇒ add P for both sides∴ P = 100∴ There is a vertical asymptote at P = 100* The vertical asymptote is at P = 100