The scatter plot shows the number of minutes Guya practiced the flute each day in a given week.What is Guya's mean practice time per day during the given week? Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. 35 min35.6 min35.7 min40 minThank you for your help! Picture is attached below.

Accepted Solution

The plot tells us that Guya practiced 10 minutes on Sunday, 30 minutes on Monday, etc.So, in the whole week she practiced[tex] 10+30+20+40+50+40+60 = 250 [/tex] minutes. The mean of a set of numbers is defined as the sum of the numbers divided by the cardinality of the set. So, we have seven numbers adding up to 250, and the mean is thus[tex] \dfrac{250}{7} = 35.\overline{714285} \approx 35.7 [/tex]